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Giovanna Paternoster

Born in '85, is the founder of Quarta Generazione Fourth Generation. Her father Sergio and her grandfather Giuseppe passed on to her the passion for wine and the desire to continue the family winemaking tradition on the territory of Basilicata.

Graduated in Marketing and Communication, Giovanna decides in 2016 to give life to this new venture.

Who we are

With three generations of winemakers and producers, Quarta Generazione is the name of the company that produces a wine that is the symbol of its region, Aglianico del Vulture.


Three hectares of land in Barile, in the heart of the Vulture, allow for total devotion to quality and high craftsmanship.

For over 10 years Quarta Generazione vineyards have been organically certified with ICEA certification.

Sergio Paternoster

Sergio Paternoster, winemaker of  Quarta Generazione, is always attentive to the experimentation and enhancement of the Basilicata ampelographic platform. He is also a consultant for several wineries In Italy. Councilor of the Assoenologi association for the Puglia - Calabria - Basilicata section, Sergio is considered one of the few who has marked the history of wine in Basilicata in a decisive way over the last thirty years.


Quarta Generazione is a partner

of Associazione Nazionale Donne del Vino and

of Associazione Giovani Imprenditori Vinicoli Italiani



Volcanic, mineral, characterized by a strong temperature variation during the night.

A minerality captured from the roots that grow deeply downwards, giving the wine an aging of about 15 years.


Here is where Quarta Generazione is born: in Barile, between two lava flows of Monte Vulture.

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