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All the passion of Vulture in a ruby ​​red drop


Our Mission

Respect for the land and family values. A young organization with deep roots, that wants to preserve the traditions and enhance the qualities of the Aglianico del Vulture.

The Vulture area and the Basilicata

Land of fire, vibrant, sometimes rough. Characterized by a massive seven peaks, an extinct volcano, with two large craters that today hosts two lakes. Monte Vulture cradles one of the biggest red wine in Italy on its slopes, the Aglianico del Vulture.


"We are in the north of Basilicata, which, I swear, exists! 

Sometimes, when I see the surprise of tourists who choose to visit it, I like to think that this area has been purposely kept hidden. It is so small yet full of exquisite treasures"

Seeing is believing!
'' When it is time for the fourth generation to create "

- Wine Soundtrack -

Our label

The handwriting of Quarta recalls the long family tradition in the national wine scene, with four generations of passion and know-how.

No crest, or grandiose references. Only a pure and rich product.

A single drop symbolizes the strong personality of this wine, recognizable from the first sip. A soft brushstroke that brings with it all the nuances typical of its vine's DNA.


The back label narrates the territory, in the heart of Southern Italy, by trying to convey to the consumer the extraordinary story that goes hand-in-hand with a renewed passion.

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